Sales on the app so far have been a total smorgasbord – hand creams, Malaysian food, trainers, candles, campervan rental, Avon products, handyman services… those are just the ones I can remember, but you catch my drift. Neighbours selling all kinds of things to other neighbours. All great stuff and long may it continue, except for the one guy who was trying to buy weed – we have updated our terms and conditions, but it goes without saying that YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO BUY OR SELL ANYTHING ILLEGAL ON THE NEIGHBORLY APP. We didn’t make that rule, but we’d probably get in a ton of trouble if you used our app to break it.

no weed allowed

Although I guess it’s legal in some of the US and stoners would love to be able to order their marijuana in the same way they order their pizza. I bet you there’s already an app for that actually.

Anyway, we hope people carry on giving and getting, buying and selling their stuff to others in their neighbourhood, but for most of it you don’t need to become a registered seller, you can just post a status about it and chat with people directly, or do it on another specialist platform like eBay, Gumtree, craiglist… there are loads of those kinds of apps out there, so it doesn’t make much sense for us to focus on it. Although people are still very welcome to register as sellers of physical goods and trade them on the marketplace if they want to, we’ll still think they’re marvellous and help them to hustle and bustle wherever we can.

Going forward though, we’re mainly going to focus on developing the marketplace side of the platform to better suit the good folks out there providing on-demand services like handywork, dog walking, gardening, cleaning and that kind of thing.

The main reason for this is that a lot of people are using the app for this already – i.e. posting statuses either asking for recommendations or offering their services, and we can actually add value here by offering a mechanism for bookings, payments and reviews directly through the app, as well as a degree of protection for both hirers and helpers.

So let us know if you’d like to be one of our early helpers and develop the platform with us – And as ever, anyone is welcome to get in touch with any thoughts / feedback / advice as well.

Bye xx

Unable to go home and see our families because of the COVID restrictions in the UK at the moment, we’ll be using the Neighbourly app over the next few days to check in with other people in our local community who live alone to see if they’re OK, whether they need anything, and whether they have any recommendations for Christmas telly.

Hopefully others out there will be doing the same – we think something like this from the good folks in Merthyr Tydfil is pretty cool.

Either way, we hope you have a very merry Christmas xx

OK I have no time to write this as I’m right in the middle of some super-difficult code and I don’t want to break my concentration too much, but basically the app has just hit 5,000 AMAZING users, which might not seem like many, but it’s almost exactly double where we were one and a half months ago.

Which I THINK means if we just carry on going at this rate without accelerating at all, we’ll be at over a million users in just over a year – I really don’t have time to double-check that though. And we are going to accelerate. Onwards!

Welcome to Neighborly News 🥳. We’ll be sharing stories about how the app is coming along, what people are using it for and basically anything we think is interesting enough to talk about right here on this b-donka-donk blog we’ve just built.

We launched the app back in April, and so far we have a few thousand users worldwide, but the platform is growing, evolving, developing all the time based on feedback from all you smashing people out there.

So please do fire any thoughts our way, even if they’re negative that’s OK, we’ve got thick skin, we’ll use it positively.

Also, we are currently accepting a few more people to test out the seller platform with us, where you can sell all kinds of things to your neighbours and take requests and payments directly through the app.

It’s still a work-in-progress, so you won’t pay any service fee, you can earn some extra spare cash AND help us develop the platform at the same time – everyone’s a winner, basically.

Email us at if you want to get involved or learn more. Unfortunately this is UK-only at the moment, but we hope to change this very soon.

Peace out – stay safe out there ✌️ xx