Hello, internet

Hello, internet

Welcome to Neighborly News 🥳. We’ll be sharing stories about how the app is coming along, what people are using it for and basically anything we think is interesting enough to talk about right here on this b-donka-donk blog we’ve just built.

We launched the app back in April, and so far we have a few thousand users worldwide, but the platform is growing, evolving, developing all the time based on feedback from all you smashing people out there.

So please do fire any thoughts our way, even if they’re negative that’s OK, we’ve got thick skin, we’ll use it positively.

Also, we are currently accepting a few more people to test out the seller platform with us, where you can sell all kinds of things to your neighbours and take requests and payments directly through the app.

It’s still a work-in-progress, so you won’t pay any service fee, you can earn some extra spare cash AND help us develop the platform at the same time – everyone’s a winner, basically.

Email us at sellers@theneighborlyapp.com if you want to get involved or learn more. Unfortunately this is UK-only at the moment, but we hope to change this very soon.

Peace out – stay safe out there ✌️ xx

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